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Building / Structural Surveys

We can provide you with the survey that meets your needs whether you are an existing home owner, looking to buy a new property or leasing your property. Before committing to buying a new property it is advisable to obtain a building survey to ascertain the condition of the property. Our structural surveys will give you the peace of mind to know what you are buying before making that financial leap. 

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We provide a range of reports:-

  • Dilapidation/ Condition Reports
  • Building Reports
  • Structural Surveys
  • Wall Crack Reports

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How much does a building report cost?

Building reports costs can range from £550 to £1250 due to a number of factors. The cost will depend on the value of the property, the size of the property, the type of property and the location of the property. It also depends on the type of the survey required for example a building conditions report, structural report etc.

Everyone’s needs are different which is why at English Consulting Engineers Ltd we choose the most suitable and affordable report to match your particular needs.

Dilapidation surveys are also useful where you might want to record the condition of your property before and after major works take place next to your property and have the potential to cause damage to your property.

What is a building report?

A building report is carried out to assess the condition of a property and determine the level of defects that may exist in a property. In our reports these defects are given a rating of 1 to 3 where 1 means no action is required and 3 means immediate action is required to rectify the defect before further deterioration occurs. It looks at all aspects of the building from the external to the internal make up and consider the local surroundings.

The aim is the give the building a thorough examination from top to bottom to determine if there are defects and if so, to understand the nature and cause of them. 

Is it necessary to carry out a building report ?

It is important to carry out a condition report so that as a customer you have a better understanding of what you are buying and are aware of any hidden costs from defects.For most people buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will make so it is important to know what you are buying. This is particularly true of older properties which do not come with building warranties. The detailed report you get from English Consulting Engineers Ltd gives you the peace of mind to make a fully informed decision.

Freeholders will often request a structural report from leaseholders who wish to make structural alterations to their property. This gives them the assurance that alteration are structurally sound and wil not impact the structural integrity of the building. English Consulting Engineers can provide these reports to greenlight your project. 

Chartered Engineers

We are a forward thinking chartered engineers consultancy operating in South West London.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured, guaranteeing a safe and reliable project completion.

Experienced Professionals

20+ years experience operating internationally and in the UK.


I’ve had a fantastic experience with James at ECE. He conducted a building survey for me which was very thorough and professional. Special thanks for his helpfulness to my many follow up questions. I will be sure to use ECE in the future.
Jack Walker
English Consulting Engineers provided a professional and detailed service at short notice. James was incredibly knowledgeable, listened to what we needed, offered honest guidance and conducted a thorough investigation of our two properties followed up by same day reports sent to us…FANTASTIC.

If you need professional, effective conveyancing support, are looking for an efficient/speedy service and great value for money look no further than ECE.

We will definitely be using James/ECE again for our personal and business needs.
The fact ECE are local was a huge selling point for us as we knew we would get a personal service. Overall we highly recommend ECE and would work with them again in a heartbeat!
Ricky Horner
Horner Homes Group Ltd

A lovely, pleasant experience. We reached out to James as a recommendation by our estate agent for being the local expert on the Southfield properties, especially on the grid. Contacting James was effortless with clear and quick communication. We asked for a survey to be completed with an immediate and a future-planning perspective. After securing the time for the survey James made a curtesy call to talk through his findings ahead of the report being available. This was really helpful as it gave immediate reassurance and an opportunity to ask questions in real-time. I would recommend James to anyone looking for a structural engineer in the SW area. Thank you, James!
Alya Gutnikova

James was very helpful and responsive when dealing with our building concerns.
Jenni Spargo

James was responsive, quick and very knowledgeable. He promptly delivered our structural report which was detailed and clesrly addressed all the issues on which we wanted clarification. Would definitely go through James for future projects!
Sarah Collier

James came to do an inspection on an internal wall to see if it was structural as well as provide drawings for the new layout. He was super friendly, very efficient and the drawings were just what I needed. Would fully recommend!
Natasha Sandars

James took the time to understand our requirements fully and came up with a couple of options to meet these. Good communication throughout and did what did said he would do.
Heather Niven
James helped us with a structural issue investigation on a property we are looking to buy. Definitely recommend.
- Alexios Papakonstantinou
James was brilliant at turning round our plans quickly as requested and was on hand to discuss all queries and questions for me as a complete reno novice! The level of service was excellent and very fairly priced compared to other quotes I received. Thank you!
- Henni Bateman Williams
We employed James to inspect some internal/external cracks to our property. He was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and spent nearly two hours at our property. He put us at ease about the problem and listened carefully to what we had to say. He produced a report just two days after his visit. I would definitely recommend him.
- Silvana Riccio
James did an excellent and very thorough survey - nearly 5 hours - of our somewhat lived in, but much loved old (1904) pile. I found his rating system of "3-serious/urgent, 2-not serious/urgent, 1-otherwise Ok", made very helpful, though depressing (we have a lot of 3s) reading. Would definitely use his services again.
- Aidan Magill
James was great. He was very helpful, gave us sound advice and was quick in all comms. Would definitely recommend!
- Oz Osbaldeston
Fantastic service. We had a specific question we need answering and English Consulting Engineers did an extremely thorough assessment and gave us a clear answer. I cannot recommend them enough.
- Sam Shribman
We asked James to do some initial work to assess whether we could extend our property using the existing ground floor structure. James was very responsive and came back to us quickly with what we needed at a reasonable cost.
- Tom & Helen Cadwaladr
Excellent & fast service! As first-time buyers we were keen to move quickly so were looking for a company who could undertake our survey quickly and would be responsive to our needs and questions. ECE went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, the communication was clear and the turnaround time of the homebuyers survey was outstanding. 5 star, we will use ECE for all future needs.
- Ekaterina Steube
ECE helped us to start our major renovation project by providing us with fast and accurate calculations necessary to remove a wall in our house and create a large open plan space. James took us through the process step by step, no question was left unanswered which meant there were no surprises, just as we had hoped.

The fact ECE are local was a huge selling point for us as we knew we would get a personal service. Overall we highly recommend ECE and would work with them again in a heartbeat!
- Kelvin Pearson
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Looking for a free quote?

Drop us a line and we will aim to get back you within 24 hours